Faye Edwards

A fitness professional and enthusiast specialising in group exercise Faye Edwards is renowned for her high energy and positive interaction with her clients, class attendees and club members. Faye prides herself in delivering effective fitness concepts and programmes that are accessible to all.

Faye started her fitness career as a group exercise instructor who then expanded to coaching clients on both a one to one basis and groups. Faye delivers easy to follow systems which are specific to each individuals needs and goes the extra mile to help reach each clients set goals. Faye also delivers to wider groups at fitness events and conventions in both UK and internationally, whilst also managing the group exercise department at Third Space based at Tower Bridge.

Faye prides herself in being a positive influence to clients by demonstrating a healthy lifestyle, encouraging and giving clients the confidence to know they can achieve their goals. Faye's ethos is that with hard work and consistency comes positive permanent change, there is no such thing as a quick fix, it's a lifestyle.

Faye's Upcoming Events

  • The FIGHT KLUB® Anthems Holiday, Thu 26th - Mon 30th September 2019, Kavos, Greece
Faye Edwards