F.I.T Jam Dance Movement

A fun high energy dance class where you will learn easy to follow routines that are broken down stage by stage. The class offers an array of music genres such as Bashment, funky house, garage, Afro beats, commercial and more.

F.I.T Jam is a class that welcomes all levels especially beginners and focuses on participants having a good time, feeling fierce and feeling free.

Be surrounded by positive energy, laughter and interaction in a non-judgemental feelgood environment, leaving feeling accomplished from the routine you learnt!

There is no such thing as a wrong move in this class, if you don't remember the move, just freestyle and dance like everyone’s watching but you just don’t give a damn!

Book your next F.I.T Jam Masterclass at www.bookwhen.com/fitacademy

Upcoming F.I.T Jam Dance Movement Masterclasses

• Saturday 17th April 2019 at Factory Fitness & Dance, London N19
• Saturday 25th May 2019 at Factory Fitness & Dance, London N19.
- Book at www.bookwhen.com/fitacademy

F.I.T Jam Dance Movement