Here are some comments and feedback about Faye.


"Having followed Faye for a while I was always keen to join in on the F.I.T Jam workouts as they looked so fun! Being able to experience it from my own home has been amazing and I truly look forward to the next session. Everything is broken down to a great level of understanding, you have so much fun you forget you’re also working out!"

- Carla Hoole


I done Faye’s F.I.T Jam class which I’ve really enjoy doing. In her classes she has helped me so much with my confidence that even though I have health problems I can still exercise and keep fit. Thank you so much.

– Esther Saunders


"I’ve done a couple of classes now and love it! Great energy, good variety and instruction. Most of all lots of laughs and fun. Best start to the week, I look forward to learning more moves and working up a sweat!!"

– Sarah Ames


"I've only been doing F.I.T Jam since lockdown but I absolutely love it!!! Faye has a great energy about her and really makes it fun and accessible for all, while still managing to make really cool dance routines!!! It's a really good vibe and a fantastic workout, I always end the sessions dripping with sweat 💦💦 and feeling like a superstar 💃🏾!!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to have a bit of fun, feel fantastic and really get the blood pumping 💪🏾👌🏾"

- Yarks


"F.I.T Jam is a workout that I instantly fell in love with! It’s fun and energetic and makes you forget you’re working out, learning the moves makes you feel accomplished and you forget you’re sweating and burning calories. When I first did F.I.T Jam, I had no dance experience but I could still do it!! Breaking down the moves and putting them together step by step means anyone can do the workout and get that amazing feeling that dance gives you. I love Fit Jam because of the sense of community it gives me, everyone is enjoying it and doing it a little bit differently ; making it their own. There are no rules and everyone is welcome! Now it’s part of my weekly routine and I couldn’t be without it, it makes me feel amazing and reminds me to enjoy fitness and have fun doing it ❤️"

- Lauren Morris


"F.I.T Jam for me is a way to dance like no one is watching, a way to release any stresses of the working day. It makes me feel so happy when I am dancing. Faye Edwards is the most fun loving, enthusiastic, energetic, motivational person I know. Faye teaches the classes to suit all levels from people that have never danced before to people like myself that just love to dance. You can see the passion for dance come through as she takes the class just by the reactions on people’s faces as they laugh and smile when they are doing the moves. I would highly recommend this class to any one that just wants to come and have a great time."

- Shamina Shara


"Faye's F.I.T Jam sessions have been a confidence boost for me, particularly as growing up I hated dancing in front of people as i felt silly due to a lack if self esteem. The way the sessions have been facilitated and delivered by Faye have been incredible they have helped me to dance the night away even with people watching me as her teaching style has been fun, nurturing, energetic with well thought out snazzy moves that are adaptive to suit all levels and motivates you to find that inner secret dancer in you. She is a phenomenal teacher who breaks down each move so that you're sure to get it and even if you don't she makes you feel at ease until you do. Every week that I do this session I feel the endorphins just having a party of their own it's been absolutely amazing to participate in the sessions as it always leaves me feeling better and ready for the next day. I think if everyone was to try this session out they would become addicted just as I have."

- Dimple Vadher