Here are some comments and feedback about Faye.

You are a true inspiration!

What can I say about how you've changed me since I started my boot camp journey with Andrew and yourself - it has been unbelievable!!!

Your kindness, friendship, support to me on that camp has meant more than you'll ever know.

God bless you for being you, bringing positivity and belief to our lives. I'm so looking forward to new boot camp next month and the continuation of the journey you've set me on xxx

Hannah Cummings

Faye is one of the most positive and caring trainers you will meet who I truly believe is doing it to help you reach your goals and motivate you to stay on track and no other reason!

No matter how far you have to reach your goals or how you may feel, Faye will turn it into a positive so quickly that you won't have time to let any negativity or disappointment affect you! Faye is inspirational because she has been there herself she isn't someone who is just telling you what to do and hasn't experienced it; her body change is amazing!

Faye is also always praising those who have done the same; sharing their pictures and stories; which shows you that anyone can do it if you really work for it. Of course you have to put in the work but Faye is on board all the way when you need her. I love boot camp I find it so much fun even though it's hard work and even if you don't find any exercise fun; you should definitely come to Faye's classes as her bright and humorous personality will make sure you want to come back and go for it every time!

I haven't finished my journey yet but I'm really looking forward to the steps along the way; thanks Faye for everything during my journey so far!

Laverne Pobee

I attended Faye's Zumba® class in February 2014 when I heard about F.I.T Camp. I was at a point where I wouldn't even get undressed in front of my partner without the lights off, my self esteem was so low I thought of some things you shouldn't think of and I had no confidence and didn't like going anywhere as I was too ashamed of myself and I thought I was embarrassing my family. I couldn't even do certain activities with my kids and I know I had to make change.

I started doing F.I.T Camp and one-to-one personal training sessions with Faye and at first I felt like giving up, but no matter what things got in the way and even though I have been through a lot Faye wouldn't let me give up on myself. My journey hasn't finished yet and Faye is still there 100% behind me and no matter what time of day you need her she will be there and she has been one of the best people I know who has helped me.

I now have my confidence back and feel it has gone through the roof in comparison to how low I felt before. I can say because of Faye I have learnt to love myself inside and out and I have not felt like this in a long time thank you Faye for being an inspiration and great person with the most beautiful heart not only a great personal trainer but now a good friend, thank you.

Lisa Walker

I heard about F.I.T Camp with Faye in my gym and was interested as have always been battling with my weight and health. I suffer from MS, planter fasciitis, had 3 slipped discs and insomnia this all causing me to suffer from about 10 symptoms day and night so I was sceptical at first about training.

After receiving the programme I found it challenging but I knew I had to make no excuse and do my best. I was unsure about the programme but I would make a phone call to Faye and she would give me alternatives and clearly explain everything in the programme, this gave me confidence and I got used to the lifestyle changes. Faye gave me so much support and confidence, I worked hard and the hard work paid off.

Fatma Ismail

I did Faye's 6 week online training programme and was absolutely delighted with the results and loved every minute. I have made change to my food habits as the programme taught me how to eat properly and all what I have learnt I continue to keep up. This is the first time in 4 years that I have started to feel good about myself and really getting my fitness back.

I suffer with chronic lymphedema on my right arm after my breast cancer surgery, I had to have all the lymph nodes removed where the disease had spread so my right arm will always be swollen now and bigger then my left. I actually got emotional when I told Faye the results from my check up with the lymphedema nurse, that during the six week programme my swollen right arm had gone down from being 27% bigger then my left arm to now only 13%. Faye has given me so much support and encouragement and is a true inspiration.

Jackie Mcmanus

I started working with Faye in May 2014. Since then I have lost over 2 stone, gone down 2 dress sizes and most importantly learned that food is not the enemy but it's how we use it. I have always loved exercise but have in the past had a serious eating disorder!

With Faye's help for the first time in years I stepped on a scales and fought my demons. I look forward to meeting my new goals of weight training sessions in 2015. Thank you Faye Edwards and Andy Burns.

Rosemarie Rodgers